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Loco Hill - Holding You

Loco Hill's latest release "Holding You", is an EDM track that perfectly fits to the Dance Fragile style. Discover it now with the Original Mix and theZamanur Remix! Listen to "Holding You" on the main shops and with the Lyrics Video on YouTube!

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Loco Hill (Fabrizio Sartor) is a young Italian DJ, known for his Progressive House and Edm sounds. Dj Loco started his first ever show-biz experience at the age of 14 in a hip-hop duo. From then onwards his passion for the console and scratching ‘sound effects’ have changed his world. He slowly realized that his inspirations were leading him towards House Music so In 2010 he started a solo career and began playing and performing in various important clubs and local venues in the outskirts of Milan. In the meantime he perfectioned his technique with a sound engeneering course and started working in a Webradio. Loco Hill is always out there, experimenting and delivering his style to the music world.

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