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Jerome Molnar - "Need You (feat. Kim Siems)"

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

If you’ve embarked in your personal quest for “the right person” Jerome Molnar’s “Need You (feat. Kim Siems)” needs to be your soundtrack.

Everyone is looking for someone who makes them happy. Someone they can rely on. Someone who fills the gap they have inside. But sometimes it is a long journey until we find this person… a long journey that leads you to Jerome Molnar’s new track!

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The German music producer Jerome Molnar found his passion for music early in life having his first piano lesson at the age of 5.

Focusing on music, he attended the school for music and arts. During this time he started producing songs and had national wide success getting into the finals of a music casting show for music producers. His first release "JUMP" feat. Cascada was a great success and earned national attention. Always striking to improve his skills he released several singles and in October 2018 his debut Album "Trapped in my Head". Now he has started collaborating with several local and international young artists to bring his music to the next level.

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