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Golstox - "High Enough"

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

An 18-year-old producer and his talented friends are here to show off all their skills: Golstox releases today “High Enough”, and he’ll get you high indeed!

The track, which was meant to be a trap beat, has turned into a Future Bass song inspired to the sounds of Diplo, Flume, Slushii & co thanks to the voice of a friend.

The cover art? It’s a collage of Golstox and his girlfriend… made by one of their friends, of course! Are you “High Enough” for a new Future Bass injection?

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Andrei Gales is an 18 year old Romanian independent music producer, composer, beat maker and DJ. He's always been involved with music, playing bass guitar and drums in punk and funk bands. Currently he is running a record label, Further East Records, and pursuing his international artistic career.

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